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“Reliable, friendly, tidy, very happy with their work.  I will be using them again”

– Robert Clark 


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With a highly skilled, qualified team, and 25 years experience, you can be sure you have made the right choice in choosing QMS plumbing services

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Energy Saving

By designing a energy efficient plumbing system, customers save money, and it will reduce our carbon footprint. Lets work together

fresh air always

There are many health benefits with installing a MVHR (Mechanical Ventilated Heat Recovery) unit.  It can provide fresh filtered air throughout the home without the need to open a window and lose heat.  A MVHR unit uses a built in heat exchanger to heat the fresh incoming air.  QMS services can quote and design a system for your home.

Advice from a plumber

Choosing the right plumbing firm can make all the difference when it comes to building a new home or refurbishing.  With so many plumbing systems to choose from, it is always helpful to get good advice.  Contact us at the early stage of building a new home and we can help design a plumbing system that will suit you, your family and your pocket.  Choose the professionals so you are never lead wrong.

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Smart homes

Control the heating in your home with a mobile phone.  Technology has come a long way.  Enjoy the benefits that have been incorporated into heating systems, which will help create a comfortable living environment.