Who We Are?

QMS services is a well-established plumbing company that has built an enviable reputation for delivering on time, maintaining the highest quality of work, and at very competitive price.   With our attention to detail, and our goal to meet and exceed customer expectations, we stay in front of the competition.  We pride ourselves on our commitment to provide a professional and speedy service at all times

We are a family run business, and our only objective is to provide a plumbing service that people can trust.  Be cautious when searching the internet for a local plumber.  A lot of multinational firms pose as a local plumbing firm, but in fact they send out plumbers they have never met, and then charge an extortionate rate.  We have a small selected team that provides the stringent high standards we consistently practice.  Quality over quantity.  This keeps our integrity as a company, and keeps our name known as a highly trusted professional company. 

Over the years we have progressed as a company, and we understand that people are under pressure these days with everything going on.  We know what really serves our customers well, which is sound honest knowledge and advice, with a no fuss install, done with care and attention to detail, and charged at a reasonable price.  To give the best advice we continuously monitor the industry so our customers get the all the benefits available to them. 

Our Mission

To keep customers happy, show high quality standards, and become one of the best known plumbing firms 

If we can provide a good service at a reasonable price, then our customer is happy and our company will grow

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Our Core Values

As a team we have many core values but the 4 which are the backbone of the company are:

To be the best, we keep our customers informed, deliver on time and budget, keep our staff trained and give a positive experience